A classic line from the classic Back to the Future film is now a wearable piece of clothing thanks to Aaron Fimister. It is on sale Monday August 13, 2012 at TeeFury. This shirt very well might be your density! I mean… your destiny! Contest Time!:Reblog / like this post to enter a give-away forContinue reading

Artist Aaron Fimister pays tribute to the classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition with his new shirt design. On sale today (9/17) at TeeFury. Contest Time!: – Reblog this post– Like Aaron’s Facebook fan page– Retweet this post “Each will get you an entry. Three lucky winners will be chosen. One to receive aContinue reading

The classic cover for William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer has been given a much needed nerd cyberpunk upgrade by Aaron Fimister. Vote this shirt design up at Qwertee to see it go to print. “Nerdromancer, for the Cyberpunk geek in all of us.” Nerdromancer by Aaron Fimister (S6) (RedBubble) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: synaptyx | the-rbc