Sad Keanu Heaves got a full on Mystery Science Theater 3000 make over! Keanu himself could not help but heave all over the theater after seeing his Hard Ball movie premiere! Ah, poor guy… Thanks to Fun With PNGs! and Keanu Reeves for making this all possible. Sad Keanu Heaves A Hard Ball by JustinContinue reading

Twitter needs to give the Fail Whale a break this week. I present to you the Fark Shark! I did this in honor of our beloved Shark Week. Even The Discovery Channel agrees! For Your Health: Definition of “FARK” Fark Shark by Justin Page (deviantART) (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Deadpool is an amazing #Marvel character. Him and Venom tie as one of my favorite comic book characters. I decided to do my own version of the crazy Merc with a Mouth. Enjoy! Thanks goes out to Mike Kevan/Curiousintent for the illustration request. Deadpoolie by Justin Page (Behance) (deviantART) (Flickr) (Twitter)