“Today would have been Louis Daguerre’s 224th birthday! Our Troopers and the Fetts thought they would celebrate the birth of the man credited with inventing the first commercially successful photographic process!” Most his photography work is available as prints at RedBubble. Daguerreotroopers & Daguerreofetts by David Eger (Tumblr) (Twitter) Via: egerbver

The Angry Birds illustrated out in the wild by artist Mohamed Raoof are back with a new winged member and custom wallpaper. With help from photographers (proper credit given on all illustrations), he gave each the angry bird a more “natural” look. Natural Angry Birds by Mohamed Raoof (deviantART)

This lone Stormtrooper takes some time out from “attempting” to kill Jedi and appreciates the simple things in life. Chris McVeigh’s rad custom Star Wars photograph is on sale in print, skin and case form at Society6. Related Rampages: Glory Days| Wheatley (More) Daydream Believer by Chris McVeigh (Tumblr) (Redbubble) (Twitter) Via: powerpig Source: society6.com

The dynamic Star Wars duo has been caught in their “glory days” thanks to Chris McVeigh. Prints or laptop / iPad skins are now on sale at Society6. Related Rampages: Disturbance in the horse… | Wheatley (More) Glory Days by Chris McVeigh (Tumblr) (Redbubble) (Twitter) Via: powerpig Source: society6.com

The Drunken Moogle: Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard (Pokemon Cocktails) Ingedients:Charmander-1 splash of grenadine1 oz Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.5 oz Bacardi 151 Charmeleon-1 spash of grenadine,1 splash of scotch1 oz Fireball Cinnamon WhiskeyFill with ginger ale Charizard- 2 oz Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey2 splashes of grenadine2 splash of scotch1.5 ounces Bacardi 151Fill with ginger ale  Directions: For the Charmander shot,Continue reading