Tumblr artist Dean Walton created an excellent set of limited edition retro prints inspired by his all-time favorite places in Hyrule. These Legend of Zelda travel posters are now available in various sizes at GamerPrint! Related Rampages: Nuka Cola Print (More) Hyrulean Travel Posters by Dean Walton (Facebook) (Twitter) Submitted by: mrshabba Source: gamerprint.co.uk

When Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker become one game in Hanzo Steinbach’s Skyrule mash up, all rules go directly out the window. I fully support this mixture of awesomesauce. Related Rampages: Skyward Sword | Bunny Link (More) The Legend of Zelda – Skyrule by Hanzo Steinbach (Facebook) (Twitter) via: xombiedirge

Link stocks up on supplies in the wondrous City of Hyrule thanks to Ry Shiu! Try translating the Twilight Princess Wii Hylian font used throughout the piece. Related Rampages: Facing the Dark Self | Donkey Kong | WAKE UP LINK The City of Hyrule by Ry Shiu / ry-spirit (deviantART) (Twitter) (Facebook) Source: ry-spirit.deviantart.com