Tumblr artist Dean Walton created an excellent set of limited edition retro prints inspired by his all-time favorite places in Hyrule. These Legend of Zelda travel posters are now available in various sizes at GamerPrint! Related Rampages: Nuka Cola Print (More) Hyrulean Travel Posters by Dean Walton (Facebook) (Twitter) Submitted by: mrshabba Source: gamerprint.co.uk

Nuka Cola is back in this Fallout inspired design by Dean Walton. A limited edition of 200 signed / numbered prints are available now at GamePrint. You can also scour the Wasteland in Dean’s popular Nuka Cola t-shirt. Related Rampage: Film and Culture Inspired Posters Nuka Cola – Print by Dean Walton (Store) (Twitter) Via:Continue reading

Five classic Sci-Fi movie posters sure to bring out the true geeky nature within your home. Each were created by artist Dean Walton and sold at his store. Limited edition run of 100 prints (signed and numbered). Film and Culture Inspired Posters by Dean Walton (Store) (Twitter) Via: mrshabba | Super Punch Source: shop.mrshabba.com