Mario is bucking bomb broncos in Alvaro Arteaga’s new shirt design. Vote it up and comment at Threadless or buy prints at Society6. “You just have to stop worrying and start loving the bomb!” Love the Bomb by Alvaro Arteaga / Alvarejo (S6) (Flickr) (Twitter) Via: alvarejo Source: Threadless

Sam Spratt’s rad new Community “Inspector Spacetime” fan art illustration is now available in print form at his personal Society6 store. POP POP! “NBC’s Community may be in a state of potential cancellation, but before I dive deep into my art hole on new year client-projects, I wanted to knock out something fun. If you’reContinue reading

Pac-Man would have been a lot easier if I could have played the Spaced Invaders remix that artist Grégoire Guillemin designed. Prints, iPhone / laptop cases and skins now on sale at his Society6 store. Related Rampages: Famous Capsules 2 (More) Pac Invaders by Grégoire Guillemin (Society6) (Behance) (Twitter)

It’s brain vs superpowers in artist Karen Hallion’s geeky new Buffy the Vampire Slater / Firefly mash up. Who do you choose as the last woman standing? Shirts are on sale now at RedBubble. Prints, cases and skins at Society6! Buffy vs River by Karen Hallion (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: karenhallion

A massive amount of famous characters from video games, comics, film and music have been simplified and categorized by artist Grégoire Guillemin. His BIG / new design is now on sale in print form over at Society6. (Full Size) Related Rampage: Famous Capsules 1 Famous Capsules 2 by Grégoire Guillemin (Society6) (Behance) (Twitter)