While you are out and about wondering how the hell to get to Sesame Street, make sure that you are sporting these awesome Adidas Sesame Street kicks. Don’t worry, the Sesame Street gang will spot you coming a mile away. The Cookie Monster version is my favorite. COOOOOOKIES! Adidas – Sesame Street by Kode LogicContinue reading

This is what I’m talking about! Thanks, becauseimjay, for creating this excellent conceptual pair of “Predair Jordan” shoes! These will come in handy for me at night while I hide in the trees, make clicking noises and wear my heat vision goggles. They are killer! Predair Jordans by Jay Angeles/becauseimjay Via: becauseimjay | gamefreaksnz |Continue reading

<param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZooYDKIDOaQ Prepare for glory! Adidas and Star Wars are dropping some tasty grooves, sneakers and apparel in town. Get ready for the Imperial March remix with some Vader action in this rockin video. This is a great end to the evening! The adidas Originals Star Wars Collection for 2010 via StarWars.com Also checkContinue reading