Zombie Ghost is ready to feed in Tumblr artist Robert Mangaoang’s killer Call of Duty illustration. Grab one of the 100 limited edition 11” x 17” prints that he now has on sale at his Etsy store. Make sure that you also watch his awesome process video here! LE Ghost From The Past Poster by RobertContinue reading

When it first came out, the Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 console was pretty rad, but artist Oskunk took it to another level with his design on the newer style 360. Check out more of his excellent custom creations here. Custom Xbox 360 “Call of Duty MW2” by Oskunk (Flickr) Via: gamefreaksnz Source: custom-art.blogspot.co.nz

fourzerotwo: Pokemonern Warfare by Blasted Roof explores what happens when the Pokemon and Call of Duty universes collide. Hint: It becomes more profane. Also, Booster hunting ensues. Disappointed my poke-self wasn’t called into action! I’ve got some sweet Stealth Clown special moves for increased evasiveness. (First seen on Kotaku – Thanks Stephen) 

Oh this will be a blast! Star Wars Mod: The Galactic Warfare by BlackMonkeys is ready for beta testing on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare! I’m going to embrace the dark side and downloadthis… Via – fourzerotwo: “Star Wars Mod: The Galactic Warfare (a community created total conversion for Call of Duty 4: ModernContinue reading