Two amazing tattoo-themed Star Wars illustrations by Detroit-based artist Mark Hammermeister. Both are available to purchase as limited edition signed and numbered 13" x 19" prints at his Etsy store.   Droids Don’t Cry is Mark’s take on Norman Rockwell’s piece titled The Tattoo Artist. Related Rampage: Stan Lee Droids Don’t Cry / Maul by Mark Hammermeister (Flickr) (Twitter)

The IGN Star Wars vs. Marvel battle have begun! The first round is between Darth Maul and Wolverine thanks to artist Jonathan Moore. The polls are open so go vote for your chosen winner at IGN. More Star Wars vs. Marvel face offs can be found here. Round 1: Maul vs Wolverine by Jonathan MooreContinue reading

Lord Vader combined the genetic material of Darth Maul and his apprentice Starkiller to form the unstable Maulkiller! It’s too bad that he didn’t stick around very long. He looks like a bad ass. There is good news though… If you purchase Star Wars The Force Unleashed II: Collectors Edition, you will receive a GameStopContinue reading