The force is strong with these four Acrylic Star Wars paintings. The Samurai Trooper and Lord Samurai Vader were done as a commission. Check out Lawrence’s full portfolio for more fan art like this. It is pretty amazing… Larger images: [Samurai Trooper] [Lord Samurai Vader] [Boba Fett] [Vader Unmasked] Acrylic Star Wars by Lawrence Reynolds/Vivid FuryContinue reading

I highly recommend trying out one of these four amazing Star Wars wallpapers by Capitan Moreno. Consider it a gift from the Captain to me, from me to my followers. May the force be with you all! Keep kicking ass! Boba Fett WP Pack: [DOWNLOAD] Jango Fett WP Pack: [DOWNLOAD] Storm Trooper WP Pack: [DOWNLOAD]Continue reading

Boba Fett, Darth Vader and, the one and only, Han Solo… Three of my favorite characters from the Star Wars Universe. This is an quite an amazing piece by Benjamin Carré. The saying, a picture’s worth 1000 words, definitely holds true here.  Poor Vader though… I think he feels left out… Trinity by Benjamin CarréContinue reading