Bryan Lee O’Malley (Inks) and Mariel Kinuko Cartwright (Colors) threw down some amazing Street Fighter love on the cover of Scott Pilgrim’s fifth and sixth book recently released in Japan. Related Rampages: Pew Pew | Scott in Space Scott Pilgrim Japan Cover by Bryan Lee O’Malley & Mariel Kinuko Cartwright Via: gamefreaksnz | Capcom EuropeContinue reading

John Kantz created this bad ass piece of artwork as a gift for Bryan Lee O’Malley (radiomaru) after the Scott Pilgrim Volume 6 panel at Comic-Con. “Scott and Gideon are partners in the Space Detectives (or something) and I guess Ramona is, like, a space pirate now?” – John Kantz Scott in Space by JohnContinue reading