The Console Warriors, Deadly Video Game Art Prints by Alex Pardee Artist Alex Pardee has created “The Console Warriors,” two video game art prints that do a damn good job of celebrating the current console war. Will the Xbox One come in next week and blow the PlayStation 4 out of the digital water? Only time will tell. Mwahahaha! Prints available from Zerofriends for FREE (withContinue reading

After completing his nostalgic Xenogears illustration of Fei, artist Jake Murray brought the Solaris Gebler officer Elly to life! A limited edition of 25 signed / numbered 12" x 17" Xenogears – Fei prints are now on sale ($30 + S&H) at Jake’s online art store. Xenogears – Elly by Jake Murray (Blog) (Store) (CGHUB) (Facebook) Submitted by: Jake Murray

Take a trip down nostalgia lane thanks to artist Jake Murray’s old school Xenogears illustration. What a great sci-fi RPG for Playstation. A limited edition of 25 signed / numbered 12" x 17" prints are now on sale ($30 + S&H) at Jake’s online art store.  Xenogears – Fei by Jake Murray (Blog) (CGHUB) (Facebook) Submitted by: Dave Rapoza

The Evolution of Video Game Controllers is back at Pop Chart Lab with an updated list of 119 species! The 24" x 36" poster above is available at their online store. They are offering 20% off of the original $30 price until Wed (9/7). Related Rampages: Billman | Bill Solo | Game Controllers 1 EvolutionContinue reading