After an abundance of requests, artist N.C. Winters is releasing his excellent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles paintings as a limited edition print collection. The 9" x 12" signed / numbered prints will be available to purchase at his online store today (9/19/2012) sometime in the afternoon. Cowabunga! You can find out right when they release by signing up for his newsletter! Available Prints: Michaelangelo | Raphael | Leonardo | DonatelloContinue reading

The disciplined leader of the four ninja turtles, Leonardo, is a welcomed addition to Dave’s already amazing collection of TMNT themed art. Series 2 of his limited TMNT 18” x 24” prints are still available to pre-order (More Details). Browse through more of Dave’s amazing illustrations HERE. Leonardo by Dave Rapoza (CGHUB) (deviantART) (Twitter)