Stay Puft Marshmallow Man gets roasted! Drew Falchetta recreated one of my favorite scenes from the Ghostbusters film. This watercolor piece, along with his Goonies and Gremlins artwork, was submitted for Gallery 1988’s 3G show. “What did you DO, Ray!?” – Dr. Peter Venkman 1, 2, 3, Roast’em! by Drew Falchetta

Amazing poster by Mike Mitchell (@sirmitchell) for the Crazy 4 Cult: 4 show at Gallery 1988 (July 9-30, 2010). Check out some of the great past Crazy 4 Cult artwork HERE. Crazy 4 Cult: 4 Poster by Mike Mitchell (deviantART) (Facebook) (Twitter) (Tumblr) Via: sirmitchell: I did the poster for this years Crazy 4 Cult.Continue reading