After seeing the Little Blue Wheelie R2-Truck, GEEKLEETIST rocked out a sweet Star Wars illustration to celebrate. If you are in Salt Lake City this Friday, check out his live t-shirt printing party at Copper Palate Press. Related Rampages: Big Shiny Robot | C3-Pinup | Walker Texas Ranger Wheelie R2-Truck by Dave Styer / GEEKLEETISTContinue reading

Killer Kraftwerk poster re-design created by Christopher Golebiowski. It has layers of my robotic favorites! From left to right: T-800/850 Model Terminator, C-3PO, Robocop and the original gangster Gort! I wonder if C-3PO is a little intimidated… Krafts by Christopher Golebiowski Via: geekleetist | trixietreats Source: Flickr / hemipode