Pop Chart Labs is celebrating Groundhog Day the right way! All Bill Murray themed mash up shirts are on sale for $22 $11 at their online store. “Okay, Tumblrs, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ‘cause it’s cold out there!” Happy Groundhog Day from Pop Chart Lab (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: popchartlab Source: bit.ly

Jude Buffum created a classic scene from the Ghostbusters film for Gallery 1988‘s “Please Post Bills” show dedicated to comedic legend Bill Murray. Check it out Thursday November 3rd 2011 from 7 to 10pm in Los Angeles, CA. Related Rampages: Mario Bros – Minus World (More) Ugly Little Spud by Jude Buffum (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Lost in Translation fan art by the talented Stanley Chow! You really can’t go wrong with Bill Murray. He is an icon. Follow Stanley’s work here on Tumblr. Related Rampage: Things I wanted as a child, but never got! #1 | Shop For relaxing times… Santori Time by Stanley Chow (Flickr) (Twitter) Via: stanleychowillustration |Continue reading