Ryncol (Mass Effect 2 Cocktail) by The Drunken Moogle Ingredients:1 oz absinthe 1 oz grain alcohol1 dash blue curacao Directions: Shake all ingredients and pour into a small glass. Warning: not to be drank with other mysterious green liquids or batarian ale.  Otherwise you might end up like this Shepard. “This is krogan liquor –Continue reading

thedrunkenmoogle: Monster Cucumber (Touhou: Nitori from Mountain of Faith Cocktail) Ingredients:4 oz. cucumber soda1.5 oz. blue curacao Green Apple Squeeze Pop Candy (Hubba Bubba brand suggested by creator) Directions: Combine ingredients in a glass with ice and squeeze green gel candy onto the inside of the glass.  Garnish with a slice of cucumber and enjoy.  DrinkContinue reading

Have an electrified gulp of Street Fighter Cocktail with this excellent drink mix “Blankatini” by The Drunken Moogle! Blanka binge drinking anyone? Ingredients: 1.5 oz. green apple vodka 1 oz. melon liqueur Directions: Pour both ingredients into a cocktail glass and stir.  Line the rim of the glass with orange sugar or cotton candy andContinue reading

thedrunkenmoogle: T-Virus (Resident Evil Shot) Ingredients:¾ shot Silver Rum¼ shot Everclear1 Blue Twizzler   Directions: Wind a blue Twizzler around a tall double shot glass.  It should stick to the sides of the glass.  Pour in the silver rum and top with the Everclear.  Drink, then eat the Twizzler for a sweet and tangy aftertaste. YouContinue reading