Sam Spratt:


Spring is around the corner which means as thanks to you for following me here, as usual—I am giving TWO of you the chance to win a custom portrait made by me, custom-tailored to your heart’s desire. Free, no strings attached.  The rules are simple, but read them so you can win.

What You Get:

A Web-resolution (1100 pixel) custom portrait, tailored to your most bizarre of requests. You can get a very traditional portrait done or as outlandish as you can dream. Zombies, Hipsters, Pirates, Ninjas, Superheroes, Robots, etc. are all fair-game themes in which you can have yourself transmogrified in painted form.

ADDITIONALLY, I’ll be giving 3 runner-ups their choice of a 13”x19” signed velvet archival print. Choices are: Sherlock, Ron Swanson, and Inspector Spacetime.

How to Enter:

Facebook: Simply comment on the following facebook post. You get an extra entry if you click the “share” button and post it to your wall. (Sam Spratt – Facebook Contest)

Twitter: Follow @SamSpratt and tweet the following phrase verbatim on twitter >> “Entering to win a custom portrait #painting from @samspratt’s portrait contest!”  

This also counts as an entry.

Tumblr: Just reblog/like this post!

How long this will last:

This contest will run until April 6th, 2012. You all are the best! Good luck and thanks again to all who follow my little slice of artwork on the web.

NOTE: You must be a follower or subscriber at the time of the win. 

Spring Custom Portrait Contest via Sam Spratt (Store) (Facebook) (Twitter)

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