Truth, Lie, Stout (L.A. Noire Cocktail)

This drink was created for an article in The Guardian.

Guinness (“We use the bottles of Guiness original,” says James)

“To reflect Rockstar’s stylish noir thriller, we wanted a sophisticated, smooth drink with a classic feel, and an edge of darkness about it. Truth, Lie, Stout – based around the three responses that lead character Cole Phelps can make during interrogation sequences – is the result. Take your choice of glass and start with 25ml measures of Vodka and Kahlua, then top up with Guinness. “You should stir before drinking to move the booze around,” adds James.”

Solve the case of the Black Russian by interrogating this tasty mix of Kahlua, vodka and Guinness.

Drink created by James Dance / Loading Bar (Facebook) (Twitter)

Via: thedrunkenmoogle

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