Gears of War drinking action from The Drunken Moogle in time for the weekend!

The Drunken Moogle:

The Domfather (Gears of War Cocktail)

1 shot black cherry rum
1 shot Captain Morgan’s rum

1 shot grenadine

1 shot lemonade

Fill with Sprite 

Directions: Mix first four ingredients and pour over ice in a highball or pint glass. Fill the rest of the glass with Sprite. Drink it down and KILL ALL LOCUST!

Story Behind the Drink: This drink was co-created by Carlos Ferro, the voice actor of Dom in the Gears of War games. While at E3 2011, Drunken Moogle reader Joe Fronczek met Ferro at a Gears of War 3 after party. They attempted to order a Crimson Omen, but the bar unfortunately didn’t have all the ingredients, so they made their own drink (The Domfather).

Drink created / submitted by Carlos Ferro and Joe Fronczek

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Via: thedrunkenmoogle

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