The Drunken Moogle: Mario Party 8 Drinking Game

“Sometimes you just don’t have the luxury of having a spare case of beer laying around to waste on drinking games.  In that situation, it is time for hard liquor. All that is left to is grab some friends and a video game system. Then you have a party!  A Mario Party, if you will.”

– Set the rules to 15 turns and include bonus stars at the end.
– Every time a player gets a star, that player takes a shot.  This includes the bonus stars at the end.
– Anyone who is watching the game, but not playing, can be chosen by the player who got the star to take a shot with them.
– In the event of a duel, the losing player must take a shot.
– If a player has not received any stars by the end of the game, they take a shot. We wouldn’t want anyone feeling left out now, would we?

Drinking game created by The Drunken Moogle
Alternate Mario Party drinking game using beer

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