The result of another late night livestream session. This one, along with the Darwin one were done for fun more than any sort of social commentary. I don’t really think there is sufficient depth in taking a portrait and adding a Mickey hat to it, I just enjoy painting iconic portraits. 

I do however find it very funny and ironic how Che is an icon plastered all over t-shirts in the US. I’m pretty sure he would have no qualms with putting a piece of metal between the eyes of any American who would have worn a shirt like that in front of him. While being a revolutionary who stood up for people who couldn’t stand up for themselves, he was ruthless as all hell and had no problems ending the lives of anyone in his way. I find his story extremely fascinating but I know very well that I’m probably not his ideal type of person. I’m pretty sure he would insta-kill me for making this…

Another Ridiculous CliCHE by Mike Mitchell (deviantART) (Etsy) (Tumblr)

Via: sirmitchell

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