Please help us spread the word about Herochan! by Ronaldo Workman

“The past few weeks have been explosive for Herochan. Thousands upon thousands of Likes and Reblogs as well as thousands of new followers. Thank you all for checking us out and spreading the word as much as you have. There is one thing that would help us big time though. If you like what you have seen, please recommend us in the Comics directory by clicking here and help us spread the word.

So since we are on Tumblr, here are some blogs you should also check out:

Distracted by Star Wars – Guess what it’s about

Gamefreaks – The Vidya Gam3z

Time Travel & Rocket Powered Apes – Comics, graphic novels and overly long url’s

Pacalin – Star Wars, LOTR, comics, art & awesomesauce

Rampaged Reality – Yeah I know the same guy works on this blog but I don’t care. I like his personal blog. Sue me.”

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