Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs was one bad dude for sure! Check out Adam Sidwell’s illustration in High-res to read the handle.

52baddudes: Illo #38 – Meester Blonde

Man, this illustration had me hating life this week. Luckily, when I got frustrated, I could just jump on Halo: Reach to get smacked around by any random twelve year old, which is nice.

Still not sure how I feel about this one, especially that little guy in the lower left hand corner. What do you think, you get who it’s supposed to be without him? Or do you like him there, just sitting there with blood coming out of his head…there?

The first person to suggest this particular Bad Dude was RobberCar via Disqus, so get in touch with me if you want a print by shooting an email to my eyeballs at

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Meester Blonde by Adam Sidwell / 52 Bad Dudes (Shop)

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