Adam Sidwell created one hell of a Metroid illustration!

52baddudes: Illo #36 – Space Pirates

I feel like I’ve been disregarding one of my favorite things to illustrate lately…video games. And since one of the most iconic video game characters just had a major release I feel it is appropriate to do THIS.

Samus is one badass death dealin’ hot womans who used to wear only a bikini under her metal suit, totally a Bad Dudette. Also, I gave her a skull face.

I don’t think anyone suggested her, but if you did let me know and I shall hooks you up with a print.

Remember if you like what you see and are interested in prints of any sort, make sure to get on the mailing list by emailing me at with subject line “mailing list”.

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Space Pirates by Adam Sidwell / 52 Bad Dudes (Shop)

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