52baddudes: Illo #33-Third Rock from Awesome

You know what really grinds my gears? When I have an idea and it’s awesome. And then I sketch it and it’s awesome. And then I rough it out and it’s awesome. And then I finish it and it looks like a turd sandwich. I’m actually starting to warm up to it, but I think it’s going to get a little loving over the weekend.

Man, I never knew the kid from Third Rock from the Sun was going to grow up to be such a badass (granted I haven’t really followed his career up until this point), but he freakin’ killed it in Inception. To be honest, I really wasn’t sold on him up until the zero gravity fight scene, then that changed my opinion of him FOR GOOD.

Since nobody had submitted him as a bad dude I thought I could do a trivia give away for the first print, when I finish this thing. The first person to get this question right wins the first poster. Q: Why does Leonardo Dicaprio’s head get physically larger and larger with every film?

This makes me want to watch Inception again. Excellent job pal! Also, my answer to your question is… A:That’s what she said”.

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Third Rock from Awesome by Adam Sidwell / 52 Bad Dudes (Shop)

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