Modern Warfare 2 Playlist Updates

Via – fourzerotwo:

We’re updating the playlists to Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360. The update will bring the triumphant return of a dedicated Capture the Flag playlist, in addition to the new Hardcore Moshpit playlist.

Hardcore Moshpit allows you to play Hardcore Domination (YESSSS!), Hardcore Demolition, Hardcore Capture the Flag, and Hardcore Sabotage for the first time in a public playlist; as well as the Hardcore TDM, Hardcore HQ Pro, and Hardcore S&D staples that HC fans already know and love.

These two additions will take the place of the Resurgence playlists, since they are now integrated into all modes. Note that this playlist will only be hitting Xbox 360, since the Resurgence Package only recently hit PSN and PC, we’ll keep the Resurgence Playlists up on those platforms for a bit longer — probably about a week or so — and then we’ll make the same changes for Playstation and Steam users.

Players should be seeing the playlist update hit their boxes in the next hour or so (depending on location, as it takes time to prop to everyone). Jump online, and enjoy!

Modern Warfare 2 Playlist Updates

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