Well, I made the plunge last night. I’m now an honorary member of the elite Noble Team force. They caught me at a bad time with the photo, but oh well.

It took me a few matches to switch from the the Battlefield: Bad Company 2/Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 controller layout back to Halo, but it was well worth it. When the servers stabilized, I slowly found myself enjoying the Halo: Reach as much as I did Halo 2. Pistol Pain Party is back in action and the new abilities add an extra edge to the gameplay. The maps are very close quartered, which is a lot of fun. I would, however, like to rock a Blood Gulch type board. I always enjoyed a good Warthog Demolition Derby out in the center of the stage while goofballs blindly shot rockets at me.

I really do not have any gripes at the moment. I take the servers being down as a good sign. It means that there are plenty of Spartan peons out there fresh for the slaying. If you want to laugh at me as I try and gain my skills back, my gamer tag is Full Metal Foil. Drop me a line Spartan!

Check out how you would look as a Spartan at WelcomeToNobleTeam.com

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