RAMPAGE!!! You were kind enough to make me a metro ticket yesterday….for this I owe you a trip to IHOP and a piece of Laffy Taffy. Thank you. My question: You just whip this stuff out all the time (tickets etc…)what do you do for a living that makes you the fastest in the world at the Adobe Illustrators?

GEEKLEETIST!!! I’m glad that you liked the Metro Ticket pal. I really wanted to try out making a few of the X-Wings and Millenium Falcons. I couldn’t get a hold of an actual Metro Ticket here in Ohio so I made my own to size. Why not share the wealth, right? I took the easy way out on making those. I just slapped the Metro Ticket into Illustrator and manually Live Traced it. I’m a Graphic Designer / Marketing Guy so I have done this stuff way too many times. ha ha! I’m far from the fastest though. Some day though… I will become a Illustrator Super Saiyan!!! 🙂 Let me know if you ever need anything else buddy. Keep it geeky!

Download the Metro Ticket template (Front+Back 8.5×11): HERE

Make your own X-WING and MILLENIUM FALCON.

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