Justin, First want to say I love your site. I added it to my RSS a few weeks ago and it’s quickly become one of my favorites. You really know how to bring the nerdy goodness. I especially like the artwork you find and post about. And I REALLY liked the Chibi Heroes & Villains you posted about today. I liked them so much, in fact, I spent 2 hours today picking out all of my favorites (and I had a LOT of favorites), resized them all and arranged them in 1 giant wallpaper image. It’s now my favorite wallpaper ever. If you want to see it, send me an email at stewartbrad@gmail.com , and I’ll send it your way. It was so fun putting it together, it actually reminded me of this thing I had as a kid. It was this board with some sort of background on it (like a city, or some place exciting), and I had these rubber sticker-like things i could stick to it. I remember having Spiderman ones, and a few other different themes. Do you remember those things? What the hell were they called? Anyway, keep up the good work. -Brad Stewart

Hey Brad!

Thanks a million for the awesome message pal. I do, in fact, remember those rubber stamps from back in the day. I’m pretty sure that my collection kept my mom very busy. I stuck them on everything.

I dropped you an email and would really enjoy seeing the Chibi Heroes & Villains wallpaper that you created. That collection rocked!

Thanks again friend and keep kicking ass!

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