My friend Andy Nick (@nickAD) got a tattoo inspired by the ‘Lost’ television show that was done in iridescent ink. USA Today had users submit stories about their ‘Lost’ tattoos if they had one. Andy’s story reigned supreme!

I haven’t really watched Lost, but I do think this tattoo is rad!

Here is Andy’s story:

“In the late summer of ’08, I took my Lost love to the next level by getting a Dharma tattoo inked onto my ankle. Since my good pal had recently started working at small parlor nearby, we decided to collaborate. I had been wanting to experiment with iridescent ink. My pal had never worked with the stuff, so we struck a deal: I would be his guinea pig if he would spring for the ink.

"If you’ve never heard of it, iridescent ink is a dye that glows under a black light. The tough thing about tattooing with it is that you have to illuminate the surface of the skin just to see what you’re doing.

"The Dharma logo seemed perfect for this technique, with a thick, recognizable shape. The ink itself has an obvious throwback to the episode ’Lockdown,’ where John Locke sees the blast door map illuminated by black light inside of the Swan hatch. We decided to use the Looking Glass Station’s logo – a white rabbit inside of the Dharma shape – a reference to Alice in Wonderland, and the (site) of my favorite Lost episode, the Season 3 finale.”

Andy adds, “The tattoo turned out great, and under normal light, it’s nearly invisible. It’s my little secret.”

This reader loves his ‘secret’ ‘Lost’ tattoo at USA Today

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