Excellent article/opinion by Trent Walton on how to detect the cases of Design Zombism and measures to prevent this horrible disaster.

Warning Signs:

  1. Incoherent moaning about bevels, gradients and drop shadows
  2. Unresponsiveness to concepts like project planning or wire framing
  3. Insatiable appetite for design tutorials, round-up posts, and brains
  4. Threatening to eat coworkers who provide opinions or feedback
  5. Insomniatic tendencies toward 100+ hour work weeks
  6. Inability to focus on one task at a time due to declining brain function
  7. Self-loathing and feelings of inadequacy brought on by extensive design gallery browsing…

CLICK HERE to seek preventive measures now if you suffer from any of these!

Zombie Designers by Trent Walton

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