Toys R Us deal: $15 gift card with Scribblenauts purchases next Tuesday

Yes… this Scribblenauts game is near the top of the want list. Good deal!

I don’t wanna grow up! I’m a f$@%ing Toys R Us kid!

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Another game I want!

via @tinycartridge:

Ignore all the discounts and preorder bonuses we previously brought up — in these troubled times, when we’re one bank failure away from slipping into a dystopian, lawless Mad Max world, you should take advantage of the best deal available for your video game needs.

In the case of Scribblenauts’s imminent release, that best deal will be found at Toys R Us stores next Tuesday (and only Tuesday), when the retailer will hand out $15 gift cards with each Scribblenauts sale. If you mess up your schedule and accidentally show up on Sunday, you can still pick up a decent deal in the form of a $10 gift card with every Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story purchase.

You can save those gift cards for when Maestro hits stores! (provided that Pastagames finds a publisher)

[Via RBH]

If I don’t get Scribblenauts in the mail, this seems like a good deal.  Because I can use the card when Nostalgia comes out.

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