Scribble Dead” by Shane “Das Chupa” Parker is a great illustration for the upcoming game Scribblenauts (Sept 15,2009) for Nintendo DS. This game will be amazing! You can type in almost any word within the dictionary and use it to get through obstacles throughout the game. Why not fight the zombie horde with a chainsaw? Ash did!

Preorder from Amazon: Scribblenauts ($27.99)

via @tinycartridge:

“Scribble Dead” by Shane Parker (click for a larger image).

Word has it that GameStop and EB Games are no longer offering that Maxwell Rooster hat as a preorder bonus. That doesn’t mean you’ve completely missed out on getting free junk with your Scribblenauts purchase — if you reserve with GameCrazy, you’ll receive a free “Flipbook Journal”. I’m unsure if the book is anything special, but it has the benefit of not being totally embarassing to carry around.

Preorder from Amazon: Scribblenauts ($27.99)

See also: Grand Scribblenauts artwork

[Via Scribblenautics, Superpunch]

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