Be careful when drinking from the Portal 2 Aperture Water Bottles over at ThinkGeek fellow test subjects. You never know what Cave Johnson might have put in your water supply. Choose between a 70s (glass) or 80s (plastic) style hydration device for $14.99/ea. Portal 2 Aperture Water Bottles at ThinkGeek (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: laughingsquid Source:

Winter Artwork gave Portal 2 a holy upgrade. Wheatley, Chell and GLaDOS are now on sale in shirt form at The Yetee for $11 until October 29th. Contest Time: Get a chance at winning the shirt for free by reblogging this post and commenting at The Yetee’s Facebook page! Our Lady of Science by Winter Artwork (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: theyetee Source:

The Portal Gun’s inner mechanics have been broken down and illustrated for your viewing pleasure by Tumblr artist Miles Donovan. He has only one double sided poster left at his Etsy store for $29! Related Rampages: Mega Man X Minimalist Posters (More) Portal Gun Double Sided Schematic by Miles Donovan (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: the-daily-robot