As if Jason Heuser’s original “FDR” illustration wasn’t hardcore enough, he took it and made a movie poster! 32nd President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Mech Edition) is back to get the United States in order once again. [Full Size] You can acquire this illustration as a print at his Etsy Store. FDR Battle for America PosterContinue reading

Historical President Teddy Roosevelt battles it out with the folklore beast known as Bigfoot! Another amazing mash up by artist Jason Heuser. Buy an 11" x 17" print of this killer artwork at his Etsy store. Related Rampages: Bebop | Raphael | Not forgotten | Abe Lincoln Teddy Roosevelt VS. Bigfoot by Jason Heuser /Continue reading

Jason Heuser remembers the fallen Space Marines of Warhammer 40k in his recent submission to Games-Workshop. The guy has some mad art skills! Make sure that you check out his “Moar Orks PLZ” submission as well. Related Rampages: Stephen Colbert | Abe Lincoln | Drunk Raphael Lost but not forgotten (High-Res) by Jason Heuser /Continue reading