After seeing the Little Blue Wheelie R2-Truck, GEEKLEETIST rocked out a sweet Star Wars illustration to celebrate. If you are in Salt Lake City this Friday, check out his live t-shirt printing party at Copper Palate Press. Related Rampages: Big Shiny Robot | C3-Pinup | Walker Texas Ranger Wheelie R2-Truck by Dave Styer / GEEKLEETISTContinue reading

Carlos Valenzuela managed to bring the movies Star Wars, Mars Attacks!, Invasion of the Saucer Men and This Island Earth into one incredible Sci-Fi illustration. Oh, silly Artoo… “Queen Amidala had a secret hobby… she collects big-head aliens from outer space!!” – Carlos Valenzuela Queen Amidala by Carlos Valenzuela / Valzonline Via: pacalin

Star Wars YMCA?! So this is the kind of shenanigans that Master Yoda dreams up in his deep meditations? Crazy little guy he is… I will say that Neill Cameron’s collection A to Z of Awesomeness is quite… Awesome? I also think the mustache on R2-D2 is pretty rad. Y is for… by Neill CameronContinue reading