Killer Street Fighter “Zombie Ryu” illustration by Robert Mangaoang! “My Zombie Ryu drawing. Done with Sanford / Prismacolor Turquoise pencils for the initial sketch then a WACOM tablet and Adobe Photoshop for the color, detail and everything else. You can check my Tumblr and my deviantART for more of my artwork. Enjoy!” – Doom CMYKContinue reading

Amazing Modern Warfare 2 illustration of Ghost as a brain slurping zombie! Robert Mangaoang even got this killer piece up on Kotaku! Congratulations! “This is my final Zombie Ghost (Modern Warfare 2) drawing. I used a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop. check my tumblr site or deviantART gallery for the initial sketch and inking.” –Continue reading

The infected Spartans should look like this in the Halo: Reach “Infection” multiplayer gametype. Killer illustration by Robert Mangaoang! doomsdaily: “My Zombie Master Chief drawing. This is the 5th drawing of my “draw a zombie a day” series. But since I missed yesterday I’ll just name it: “Draw Zombies in October” series. Made with CopicContinue reading