James Hance is a one of a kind artist. I got a good laugh from his “latest doodle” with Bert and Ernie as Chewbacca and Han Solo. “Uh, who shot first Bert?” Related Rampage: C is for Chewie C’mon, Bert! Let’s blow this thing & go home! by James Hance (Facebook) Via: letthewookiewin | pacalin

Tyler Edlin placed Chewbacca in a crazy situation with his most recent piece of art. There are so many hilarious things going on here… “Chewbacca ain’t in the prisoner-takin’ business; he in the killin’ Nazi business. And young padawan, business is a-BOOMIN’!” Chewbacca Commission by Tyler Edlin / gamefan84 (deviantART)