If Pokemon and Star Wars had a baby, it would produce this fuzzy-looking nerf-herder Pikachewie. Rob Wood’s new shirt is now on sale at RedBubble. Related Rampages: Guns ‘N’ Portals | Jedimaster (More) Poké Wars: Pikachewie by Rob Wood (RedBubble) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: robpwood | the-rbc Source: bit.ly

Chewie got a cuteness overhaul in Chelsea Bloxsom’s new craft. Created for the upcoming ‘Stitch Wars Strikes Back’ show at Bear and Bird Boutique+Gallery in August. Follow her here on Tumblr! Related Rampage: Mini Trapjaw Let the Wookiee win by Chelsea Bloxsom (Etsy) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: loveandasandwich

Amazing pen & ink drawing of Chewie and Yoda by Jerry Bennett! Follow him here on Tumblr to keep up on his artistic talent. Note From Artist: “The original is signed by Chewie himself, Peter Mayhew. He’s now my Facebook friend. 🙂” Revenge of the Sith by Jerry Bennett / comicbookjer (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: jerrybennett