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A Bad Lip Reading Parody of ‘The Walking Dead’

Bad Lip Reading created a hilarious bad lip reading parody of AMC’s hit television series, The Walking Dead. The 5-minute video is filled with characters (including zombies) talking about off the wall topics and it ends with a hilarious Broadway tune sung by The Governor.

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Taxidermied Heads of Star Wars Creatures Mounted on Fireplaces

Star Wars Taxidermy, a project by Boston artist Jon Defreest for Tauntr, features a Photoshopped series of images that mounts the heads of creatures found in the Star Wars films lovingly on various fireplaces.

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Krang O’ Lantern, TMNT Themed Watermelon in a Halloween Pumpkin

San Francisco graphic designer Michael Villamejor (aka “MikeV Design“) took a carved out Halloween pumpkin and filled it with the insides of a watermelon to create his brilliant representation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles supervillain known as Krang, which he appropriately titled Krang O’ Lantern.

Krang O’ Lantern by Michael Villamejor (Tumblr) (Twitter)

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